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Asian artists on the rise, Asian art power explodes at Hong Kong Art Week

Meeting at Art Basel in Hong Kong


Starting with a private viewing for the press and VIP guests, Art Basel Hong Kong was held from March 27th to 31st. Even though the main function and purpose of an art fair is to sell art, Encounters, presented for the “exhibition function,” allowed visitors to enjoy art works on a vast scale, as if they were viewing them in a museum. This year’s “Encounters” focused on works by Asian artists such as Lee Bul, Chiharu Shiota, Zhao Zhao, Mit Jai Inn, and Pinaree Sanpitak. Five of the twelve artists who participated in Encounter.


Lee Bul, ‘Willing To Be Vulnerable’ – Metalized Balloon, In Art Basel Hong Kong 2019


‘Cezanne, Morandi, Sanyu The exhibition as a stage for


Along with this famous art fair, Art Basel Hong Kong also hosted a number of notable exhibitions during Hong Kong Art Week in specialized art buildings such as Pedder and H. Queen’s, as well as art fairs such as Art Central. Asian artists were the highlight of this year’s Hong Kong Art Week, with galleries from around the world showcasing emerging Asian artists and 20th century artists. The title of the exhibition was “Cézanne, Morandi, Sanyu,” but it was enough to focus on Sanyu, one of the two artists from Europe. The curator of the exhibition, Mr. Zeng Yoshizhi, gave the following reasons for choosing Sanyu.


Sanyu’s painting style is remarkably similar to that of Cézanne and Morandi, but his style is essentially oriental, painting the ink in the mind with oil .



As he himself stated, the reason for choosing Sanyu for the exhibition is noteworthy: along with two other leading European artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, he wanted to use the opportunity of this exhibition to draw the public’s attention to Sanyu. Especially in this day and age, there is not much difference between artists based in Europe and the United States and those based in Asia in terms of the methodology and materials used in their works. However, there is certainly a uniqueness that can be felt in the works of Asian artists. This may come from a variety of social, political, and environmental backgrounds.


The exhibition was curated by Cézanne, Morandi, Sanyu, Zeng Fangzhi, and Gagosian with Gallery Hong Kong as the backdrop. Anyway, I could understand the movement and its intention to focus on Asian artists.


G It features young Asian artists who are based overseas.



At Art Basel Hong Kong, one of the participating galleries, Capsule Shanghai, featured Huang Hai-Hsin, a young Taiwanese artist born in 1984 and based in New York. As this was her Art Basel debut, her witty works attracted a lot of attention. Her work presented at this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong, depicting the scenery of Art Basel, was a humorous and brilliant mockery of Art Basel and the art market.


Huang Hai-Hsin, ‘Art Basel (The Holy Collector)’, Oil on canvas, Represented by Capsule Shanghai, Art Basel Hong Kong 2019


Also spotted at Art Central Hong Kong, the second largest art fair after Art Basel Hong Kong, was Xu Hai-Hsin, a Chinese painter born in 1975 and based in Munich. Galerie Andreas Binder, a Munich-based gallery, showed her work along with other artists. According to her resume, she has a master’s degree from Munich, Germany, and is based there as an artist. There are cases like Huang Haixin, who is based in New York but represents a gallery in China, and there are cases like Xu Haiying, who studied abroad and represents a local gallery. There are also cases like Xu Haiying, who studied abroad and represents a local gallery. Regardless of how Asian artists got the opportunity to be featured in Hong Kong, one thing was clear: many international galleries are paying attention to young Asian artists from diverse backgrounds.


Young Artists on TRiCERA


There are over 100 artists participating in TRiCERA, not only experienced artists but also many talented young artists. We would like to introduce the work of one of them, Manami Numata. She won the grand prize at the “72nd Japan Women’s Art Association” and has studied in Italy.


A time seller by Manami Numata


New works are uploaded every week, so please check back.


Article written by: Jeongeun Jo
Born in Korea, lives in Japan. One of the members of TRiCERA, graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts. She is also active as an artist.

私たちART CLIPは、世界中の最新のアートニュースを取り上げ、アーティストやコレクターの人々の活動にとってより有益な情報を発信していきます。

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