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Clipy News: 3 Japanese Art News of the Week

Coronavirus is also affecting art fairs in Japan.



AiPHT (ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO), a “hotel-based art fair”, has announced the postponement of this year’s event. The reason is to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The fair, which started in 2016, is the fourth of its kind this year. What’s new about the fair is that art can be viewed and purchased in a separate location from the White Cube.

Organizers say they will postpone the event until September 25-27 this year.

Organizers say they will postpone it to September 25-27 this year. There are also concerns about the impact on other fairs.



Japan’s oldest public art museum reopens


The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art opened in 1933. It was the oldest museum building in Japan, but underwent a major renovation in 2017. It is scheduled to reopen on March 21 this year.

With this renovation, the museum will be equipped with a space that can accommodate not only fashion and animation, but also exhibitions of contemporary art, presentations of new artists, and collections of traditional and contemporary artists.



Artist Art Fair in Kyoto


Last year’s scene.


ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO 2020,” a contemporary art fair featuring artists, will be held for two days from February 29 to March 1 at two venues in Kyoto.

The mission of this event is to “make art readily available for purchase” and “foster a place for the next generation of artists to disseminate culture and art”, and it has a strong ethical meaning in the art world. Famous artists such as Kohei Nawa have recommended young artists as advisors. If you want to see the next generation of Jamaican artists, you should check it out.


私たちART CLIPは、世界中の最新のアートニュースを取り上げ、アーティストやコレクターの人々の活動にとってより有益な情報を発信していきます。

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