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Eternal creative energy, a key force in being an artist

Ohira Susumu’s solo exhibition (2019) by Ohira Susumu at Gallery Hinoki.


The Installation view of Ohira Susumu’s solo exhibition (2019) by Ohira Susumu
at Gallery Hinoki
Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Hinoki


One of TRiCERA’s featured artists, Ohira Susumu, is holding a solo exhibition at Gallery Hinoki in Kyobashi, Tokyo. Although he turned 70 this year, he has never lost his passion for creation and eternal energy, which are the key powers of being an artist.


This exhibition, the solo exhibition of Ohira Shou, is the circumstantial evidence of his creative energy. Sho Ohira was born in Yamaguchi prefecture in 1949 and currently lives and works in Japan and France.


The impression of his works is somewhat fashionable, as if they were created by a young artist. He paints everyday scenes in a matter-of-fact manner, which makes his work somewhere between abstract and figurative painting.


Also, one of the characteristics of his works is the floating sense of the circle. In his works, he draws a lot of circles while painting landscapes. Through circles, he visualizes the abstract concept of “time” and expresses it by drawing circles of different sizes and colors. For Susumu, his work is a search for light and time.


The Installation view of Ohira Susumu’s solo exhibition (2019) by Ohira Susumu
at Gallery Hinoki
Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Hinoki


Ohira Susumu’s solo exhibition (2019) by Ohira Susumu will feature not only his paintings but also new works. He has been painting with acrylics for a long time, but now he is expanding his field from acrylics to mixed media works using photographs. The cracks in the photographs are all covered with golden lines, and transparent circles emerge.


The Installation view of Ohira Susumu’s solo exhibition (2019) by Ohira Susumu
at Gallery Hinoki
Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Hinoki


Although based on the same landscape, some of the works are expressed differently depending on the material, some as paintings, and some as photographs. In these works, we can enjoy the change in sensation caused by the difference in materials.


Ohira continues to participate in exhibitions two or three times a year, not only in Japan but also overseas. Even though he is working so vigorously, he is never satisfied and hopes to hold more exhibitions overseas than the current frequency. Although Ohira is now 70 years old after a long career as an artist, his energy for creation is still powerful. Perhaps his sense of work does not age because of his insatiable passion and effort to create artworks.


Ohira Shou Solo Exhibition (Gallery Hinoki)


  • Date: Monday, October 7, 2019 – Saturday, October 12, 2019 Monday, October 7, 2019 – Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • Hours: 11:30-19:00 Sat (last day): 11:30-17:00



Article written by: Jeongeun Jo
Born in Korea, lives in Japan. She is one of the members of TRiCERA who graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. She is also an artist herself.

私たちART CLIPは、世界中の最新のアートニュースを取り上げ、アーティストやコレクターの人々の活動にとってより有益な情報を発信していきます。

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