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Bringing Light into Form – Interview with Shinji Fujino

Specimen of Light

 He has had numerous exhibitions in Japan and participated in an artist-in-residence program in Slovenia in 2019. In 2019, he participated in an artist-in-residence program in Slovenia. We interviewed him about how he came to be an artist and his thoughts on works that deal with light.

 The “Specimen of Light” series, in which transparent brushstrokes are applied to glass or acrylic, is visualized by the light of the place where the work is placed. This series, one of Fujino’s representative series, is based on the theme of “what light can show us. Fujino has a special interest in light, but what does light really mean to him? He told us as follows.

Light exists everywhere, regardless of location, and can be perceived in various ways depending on the inner state of the viewer.

 For human beings, light is an inextricable part of our universal existence, yet it is so elusive. Fujino says that he was influenced by artists like James Turrell who treat light as a material. Fujino’s first step into the world of professional creation was also related to light.

 I studied art at an art high school and an art college, and after graduating I worked as a curator, but I found myself trapped in ‘thinking logically,’ and I was in a very constrained state. In the midst of this, I went on a trip and saw beautiful natural light shining into a room, and as I gazed blankly at it, I was able to get away from ‘thinking logically’ and become liberated.

 This original experience was a turning point for Fujino. This original experience was a turning point for Fujino, who received a kind of revelation from light. As for Fujino’s background, which is reflected in his works, he shared another interesting episode.

 My family owned a small inn. My family ran a small inn, and since I was a child, I was constantly exposed to the cycle of people coming from outside and sending them back in, which made me realize that people are diverse.

 In the “Specimen of Light” series, the experience of the work is formed not only by the work itself, but also by the environment in which it is installed and the perspective of the viewer. This is also the theme of Fujino’s work.

I want people who are busy with their minds to pick up my works. I would be very happy if they could feel that the light of the place they are in is beautiful enough.

 The “Specimen of Light” series is based on the premise of the diversity of people. Its enveloping gentleness is just like sunlight.

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empty cube
#15 x 5 cm
empty cube
#25 x 5 cm

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empty cube
#35 x 5 cm
specimen of light
#932 x 32 cm
specimen of light
#732 x 32 cm

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specimen of light
#832 x 32 cm

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Shinzo Okuoka
Born in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. After studying Indian philosophy at university, she worked at a publishing company as a deputy editor of an art magazine and a shrine magazine, where she was involved in planning and editing magazines and books. 2019 she joined TRiCERA, a start-up company, where she was in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own on-demand media. He is also in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own owned media. He is a fast writer, and when he was working for a magazine, he was able to write 150 pages in a month by himself.

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