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Leading Japanese and American Artists to Hold Duo Exhibition in Tokyo

Internationally acclaimed artists Yuko Mohri and David Horvitz will present their duo exhibition “summer rains” at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE.


Installation view of “summer rains” (2019) by Yuko Mohri and David Horvitz
Photo by Nobutada Omote


Yuko Mohri and David Horvitz, who are holding their first duo exhibition at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, had a conversation in Paris and discussed the many faces of summer rain. After this opportunity to discuss rain, the two turn their focus to the study of water and rain. They wondered if summer rains have various faces such as rain, thunderstorms, and Tanabata rain. As a result, she has decided to present her work under the title “Summer Rain”.


(Left )Yuko Mohri, More More: Showcase #1, 2019, 185.5 × 151.5 × 46 cm
wheel, drum. washtub, bell. funnel, pomp, LED, soft- cream cup, water, etc.
(Right)Yuko Mohri, More More: Showcase #2, 2019, 95.5 × 120 × 45 cm
Bucket, PET bottle, pump, whisk, LED, water, etc.
Photo by Nobutada Omote


One of Yuko Mohri’s main themes is water leakage. Water leaks are frequent, especially in Tokyo Metro stations, but most people just pass by. In “Summer Rain,” she also presents some of her early career inspirations, such as “Mole Mole (Water Leak) and “More-More (Leakage). Mohri devises energy circuits as a form of art, allowing his devices to regenerate themselves in his installation works. Mohri devises energy circuits as a form of art, allowing his devices to regenerate themselves in his installation works. Mohri also experienced a water leak during his stay in Paris . The Water Fall Given” is the work.



David Horvitz, you, cloud, rain, fog, puddle, sea, ocean, pond, dew, river, stream, glacier, mist, creek, snow, lake, vapor, 2019
Dimension Variable,Stamp
Photo by Nobutada Omote


Together with Mohri, David Horvitz from the U.S. His works, which mainly manipulate concepts such as time and distance and transform them into witty, poetic and conceptual art, are also presented under the theme of “Summer Rain”. Among the works in this exhibition, ” Stamps” is one of the most striking works on the theme of “Summer Rain”. They are a delight to people’s eyes. Stamps representing various states of water such as rain, river, ocean, etc., as well as stamps representing “you” will be placed on the paper so that the audience can create a poem for themselves.


If Mohri focuses on the cycles of natural phenomena that occur in the artifact, the space used by humans, Horvitz focuses on the relationship between water, the ocean and humans and finding meaning in it.” When the ocean sounds” was inspired by the ideas of marine biologist Rachel Carson, who wrote about the similarities between the composition of human blood and seawater. Another of his attempts to bring about a metaphorical relationship between humans and water can be seen in his work ” Stamp”, where Mohri studies water in a controlled environment, whereas water is found in an open environment, and their slightly different approaches to water, rain, phenomena and humans is what makes this exhibition interesting. interesting aspect of this exhibition. Not only the exhibition itself, but the fact that two world-renowned artists, Yuko Mohri and David Horvitz, are presenting their works together makes it a noteworthy exhibition in the contemporary art scene happening in Tokyo right now. The exhibition will run from July 19, 2019 to September 7, 2019, concluding with a summer vacation from August 4 to 19, 2019.SCAI THE BATHHOUSE



Article written by: Jeongeun Jo
Born in Korea, lives in Japan. One of the members of TRiCERA who graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. She is also active as an artist.

私たちART CLIPは、世界中の最新のアートニュースを取り上げ、アーティストやコレクターの人々の活動にとってより有益な情報を発信していきます。

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