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Visualization of natural phenomena, stimulation of the human senses

Akamatsu Nelo, ‘Meteon’, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo


Akamatsu Nelo, ‘Meteon’, Acrylic, Glass, Sanukite, and etc. 2019
Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery


‘Meteon’ is on view from May 29 to June 29. Works by Kanagawa-based artist Akamatsu Nelo will be on display at Mizuma Art Gallery in Ichigayatamachi, Tokyo.


Akamatsu’s main research interest is the effects of geomagnetism, an invisible natural phenomenon. However, he uses his own unique methodology to express this invisible phenomenon.


By embodying natural phenomena, his works become phenomenological experiences, focusing on sight, sound, time, and experience.


In this exhibition, he will present two new works: “Meteon”, which utilizes the principle of thermal vaporization, and “Chidiki Spider”, an installation piece that rotates fluidly due to the presence of geomagnetism.


According to a statement by Akamatsu Otero and Mizuma Art Gallery, recent research has revealed that humans may sense magnetism as a sixth sense. Akamatsu incorporates this theme of ‘geomagnetism’ into his work.


Akamatsu Nelo, ‘Chijikigumo’, Mixed media 2019
Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery


While my work visualizes the principle of heat vaporization and the effects of geomagnetism, I want people to feel the work and the exhibition freely with their five senses. We may not know what our sixth sense is, but we instinctively feel some phenomena, and I would like to use that as my sixth sense. Akamatsu does not impose any theme that he deals with.


Akamatsu’s automatically moving installation works produce subtle sounds as they move. Works that stimulate the five human senses, such as the eyes and ears, awaken us. Whether or not you can feel the natural phenomena that Akamatsu explores, it might be a good idea to experience “awakening with the five senses,” something that is hard to feel in our hectic lives.



Article written by: Jeongeun Jo
Born in Korea, lives in Japan. One of the members of TRiCERA who graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. She is also active as an artist.

私たちART CLIPは、世界中の最新のアートニュースを取り上げ、アーティストやコレクターの人々の活動にとってより有益な情報を発信していきます。

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