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What is art in the age of traveling through the starry sky?

 The history of constellations dates back about 5,000 years.

The fact that shepherds in Mesopotamia looked up at the starry sky and connected the stars is evidence that we humans have been vaguely attracted to the universe since ancient times.

Now, more than 50 years after Apollo 11 landed on the moon, there are many works of art featuring the starry sky and constellations. As science has gradually revealed the secrets of the universe, have the works about space changed?

Hironobu Naito

  Japanese people have been fascinated by the moon since ancient times. This is evident in the moon viewing events that have continued to this day, and in the waka poems that are written about the moon. Naito uses mineral pigments to depict the moon in a lyrical manner.

76 x 57.7 cm

He says that when he looks up and sees the moon shining in the sky, he reflects on his life and feels a sense of “tranquility” in his heart. The blue moon, painted with coarse paints, will leave a sense of tranquility in the viewer’s heart.

Blue moon
116.7 x 91 cm

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Chihiro Kabata

 Kabata is known for drawing irregular shapes on inkjet paper with black ballpoint pen. She draws various things with delicate and strong ballpoint pen movement.

Unknown planet, aurora borealis
90 x 90 cm

Planets scattered in the universe have been created by processing human imagination from what has been observed. Kamata’s “planets,” however, have an abstract form that makes their existence seem improbable. However, there is a magic of the “unknown” in the conceptual expression.

The unknown planet, Atlanta
90 x 90 cm

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Naomi Maekawa

Maekawa depicts the nature of the stars with a spiritual conception that identifies them with her own creation.

I feel that the future of the universe, which we have not yet seen, resembles the human heart.
100 x 40 cm

It is said that when a star reaches the end of its life, it goes to its own center, destroys matter, explodes, scatters elements, and fades from existence. I have been drawing my center, my heart, to know myself. Everything is connected. Maekawa’s works seem to be full of energy.

He uses oil bars (hardened with oil paint and beeswax) and sometimes his own fingers instead of brushes to unite his body with the canvas.

I am in this square. The infinity of the universe. The story has begun.
53 x 53 cm

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Needless to say, the universe is vast and ever-expanding. Therefore, even if human chemistry were to reach its ultimate evolution, we would not be able to know everything about it. But that is why we cannot help but think about the universe, which will continue to be the greatest waste product of mankind.

Shinzo Okuoka
Born in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. After studying Indian philosophy at university, she worked at a publishing company as a deputy editor of an art magazine and a shrine magazine, where she was involved in planning and editing magazines and books. 2019 she joined TRiCERA, a start-up company, where she was in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own on-demand media. He is also in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own owned media. He is a fast writer, and when he was working for a magazine, he was able to write 150 pages in a month by himself.

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